Pie in the Sky


For HTC Vive | Unity, C# Coding, Level Design, Texturing

6 weeks project

With Gabby Garcia, Rio Datko


Pie in the Sky is a VR game about a food truck that specializes in throwing pizza... at customers.

Cook and serve as many pizza as possible and become the best food truck in the town!


This was our first large VR project with development period of 6 weeks.

We decided upon making a cooking game with throwing as our main mechanic. Most of the time was spent in tweaking physics and creating a custom collision system to make throwing and cooking feel as natural and satisfying as possible. Since VR uses body movement to alter the location of the objects, preventing them from clipping through and getting stuck in environment permanently was a huge task. The physics system had to be tweaked after every playtests to find the perfect balance between gameplay and satisfaction of the players.