Lights Out


For Mac, Windows | Unity, C# Coding, Level Design, Sound Effects

3 weeks project

With Chuck Henslee, Yurie Murayama, Gloria Wan, Stepic


On a night like any other, quiet boy Grim is dared by his friends to enter the old house on the hill. Determined to show them up, in he goes. But he's sure to find out more than he ever wanted to know…

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In this project, my primary roles were level designer and programmer.

For level design, I worked on creating the house layout to direct the player through the story, designing events to notify players about the important moments, and implementing sound effects for various feedback for player inputs and actions. 

For programming, I created movement and interaction system to work with the game's design, implemented Twine and Yarn into Unity for text dialogues, and constructed the system for each pivotal moments to trigger events as needed.

I was also responsible for implementing art assets and optimizing them to work best with the system.