Dream Menders


For Mac, Windows | Unity, C# Coding, Level Design, Sound Effects

3 weeks project

With Gloria Wan, Nikolas Wood, Jaeho Lee


A NASA scientist throws open the door to his home and tosses himself on the couch, exhaustion quickly taking him. 

You are a Sandman and his Apprentice, and you need to solve an endless nightmare.

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This project was our midterm and therefore we decided to be bold and create a puzzle point-and-click game within the given time. 3 weeks were not a long time so we divided the task within our comfort level to prevent any unexpected problems. We all collaborated in building the basic structure of the game and we delved into specific tasks after a solid prototype was made.

My tasks were:

  • Design and script dual character system-switching back and forth between the sandman and apprentice in different areas

  • Implementing Twine narrative text into Unity and triggering proper dialogues through the game

  • Creating a system that switches out art, dialogue, and sound assets after important interactions

  • Inserting proper sound cues to help players to follow the story