Department of Galactic Sanitation


For Mac, Windows | Unity, C# Coding, Level Design, Sound Effects

2 weeks project

With Chuck Henslee, Gloria Wan, Sara Hall


Welcome to the Department of Galactic Sanitation.

You’ve been chosen to fight space pollution for the greater good of the galaxy. Congratulations!

Destroy more space junk than your fellow sanitation engineer and receive a fabulous prize. Yes, the coveted Employee of The Month Award!

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DoGS is a competitive multiplayer 2D game project and finding perfect balance between two players was the most important task.

I designed and scripted the trash collection and stealing mechanic. We had to conduct numerous playtests to improve balance between skill and luck of both players. At the end, I chose speed penalty + surface area increase to be the variables used to prevent any occasion of one player monopolizing all the trash.