Cerveau Matriochka - WIP


Custom Interface | Arduino, Unity, C++, C#, Digital Fabrication

Project in progress

With Jaeho Lee


Cereveau Matriochka is set in a sci-fi space station and the controller is a device that transports people from place to place.

The controller does not serve as an abstract representation of the function it serves in the game, but it looks and works like the device presented in the game's setting. It creates the immersive and believable atmosphere for the players. The unconventional ways of physically interacting with the icosahedron shaped controller generates the interesting limitations that poses challenge to the players. The polyhedron shape of the main component requires players to think and memorize three dimensionally; which would not exist if it was played on regular traditional controllers available on the market.


This is my thesis project which began in August 2018. We were given a year of time and it is still in progress. 

I decided to focus on new approach to game controls by creating a custom controller and a game along with it. I have teamed up with another student as it opens up a room for more creativity and better use of time.

I am working on:

  • Controller electronics and housing design and build using Arduino and various fabrication tools

  • Game design and scripting in Unity

  • Implementation of Arduino controls in Unity