For Mac, Windows | Unity, C# Coding, Mechanics Design, UV Unwrap, Git Implementation

4 weeks project

With Jessica Piszczek, Kelsey Burnham, Stefan Vo


Causatum is a walking sim that has you walking through the woods, but a mysterious force is acting on the items laid about in this forest, and it's up to you to unravel the reason why.



This project was my first 3D game project with development time longer than 2 weeks. To utilize the time efficiently, our team started the project off with carving out the first area of the game with rough assets and important game mechanics.

My tasks were:

  • Implementing animation based first-person movement

  • Designing and scripting interaction system that works with the narrative element - magnet

  • Testing and polishing movement and interaction to be not jarring and work perfectly with the narrative


After the skeleton of the game including movement and interaction was tested, I implemented sound cues, final models, and animations to direct the players to the designed path.